Water Treatment Plants (WTP)

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Water Treatment Plants, Water Clarifiers, Water Filters, Sand Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, Water Softners, DM Plants (Demineralization Plants), Ultra Filtration, Nano Filtration, Reverse Osmosis Plants (RO Plants), Condensate Polishing Units, WTP / DM Plants Turnkey Projects / Plants from Pune, Maharashtra, India. We also provide Installation / AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Services, O&M (Operations and Process Maintenance) Services, Breakdown Services, Troubling Shooting (Troubleshooting) Services, Product Training Services, Plant Components / Plant Equipments Supply Services.

river water, canalwater, lakes Clarifiers

Clarifiers (Water Clarifiers)

We supply Clarifier for removal of very high turbidity & suspended solids from surface water like River water, Canal water, lakes etc. Different types of clarifiers are Tube Settlers, Lamella Clarifier, Clarifloculators & High Rate Solid Contact Clarifier (HRSCC)

Activated Carbon Filters

Filters (Water Filtration Plants / Systems)

Sand Filters

We supply Sand Filters for removal of turbidity & suspended solids

Activated Carbon Filters

We supply Activated Carbon for removal of free chlorine from feed water, odour removal & colour / color removal up to certain extent.

Water Softner

Softner (Water Softners)

We supply Water Softener (Water Softening Plants / System) for removal of hardness from Raw Water. Softner are normally used in Low Pressure Boiler, Laundry lndustry, Poultry, For Cooling Water Make Up, Heat Exchangers, Industrial Process Application, Solar Heater, Chillers, Central Air Conditioners, Hot Water Generators & Domestic Application.

De Mineralize plants

DM Plants (Demineralisation Plants)

We supply Demineralization Plants / Systems for removal of minerals & salts like Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Alkalinity, Chloride, Sulphates, Nitrates, Reactive Silica etc. from Raw Water. DM (De Mineralize) Plants are supplied for High pressure boiler feed application, Paint Shops, Pharmaceuticals, Distilleries & Process application etc.

Ultra filtration

Ultra / Nano Filtration Plants (UF / NF)

We supply Ultrafiltration Systems & Nanofiltration Systems for removal of colloidal particles. Ultra Filtration is not fundamentally different from Nano filtration. Both of these systems separate colloidal particles based on size of particles to be separated. Ultra Filtrations & Nano Filtrations is used for removal of Colloidal Silica, Microorganisms, Suspended particles etc. depending on the application.

Reverse Osmosis Plants

Reverse Osmosis Plants / RO Plants

We supply Industrial and Domestic RO Plants / Systems for removal of total Dissolved Solids & Microorganisms from fed water. Normally RO Plants are supplied where total dissolved solids are above 600 ppm.

Ultra Filteration & Nano Filtration

Condensate Polishing Units (CPU)

We supply Condensate Polishing Units for removal of very low impurities from Condensate water. These are normally used for purification of Condensate for Boiler Feed Application.